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    AI Filter

    Image Generation

    Transform your photos with AI filters into anime, clay, 3D, pixel, emoji, video game, sticker, and more styles

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    What is AI Filter

    AI Anime Filter / Photo to cartoon

    Give your photos a whole new life! Use our AI anime filter to instantly transform ordinary photos into vibrant and fun anime styles, capturing visual attention.

    AI Clay Filter / Photo to Clay Style

    Explore a new artistic style! Use our AI clay filter to convert your photos into three-dimensional and artisanal clay-style works with tactile appeal.

    AI Chalkboard Filter

    Unleash your artistic inspiration! Utilize our AI sketch filter to transform ordinary photos into elegant sketch styles, suitable for personal creativity or commercial applications.

    AI Pixel Filter / Photo to Pixel Art

    Perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation! With AI pixel filter, convert your photos into classic pixel art styles, reliving the unique charm of early computer graphics.

    AI Sticker Filter / Photo to Sticker

    Explore our AI sticker filter to transform your photos into creative and personalized sticker styles. Whether it's fun decorations for everyday life or unique expressions for special moments, our sticker filter adds a touch of artistic charm to your photos .

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    How to Use AI Filter

    Open AI Filter

    Open your browser and visit https://aifilter.net to use all of our AI filter features online.

    Upload your photo

    Click the upload button to choose a photo of yourself.

    Modify filter style

    The right side shows the list of supported styles.

    Click to select one as the style to convert to. Hovering the mouse over a specific style option will display an animation effect.

    Add prompt words

    Adding prompt words is not necessary, but you can write simple prompt words in English to make the filter effect more in line with your expectations.

    Download and share

    Download the photos processed by the AI filter to your local device, then share them with your friends.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an AI filter?

    An AI filter is a tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to process and enhance photos. These filters can automatically identify various elements in an image and apply different effects, such as color adjustment, style transfer, detail enhancement, etc., making the photos more beautiful and professional.

    Are AI filters free?

    Using AI filters requires credits. New users can get 15 credits upon registration, and more credits need to be purchased separately.

    Which image formats are supported?

    Currently, png, jpg, jpeg, and webp are supported.

    What types of AI filters and effects are provided?

    Currently, anime, clay, 3D, pixel, and emoji filter styles are supported. More filters will be added in the future.

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    Support for AI Filter

    Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

    We support various AI filter styles to meet the needs of different users. Whether you are a beginner, an enthusiast, or a professional, AI Filter can help you easily create outstanding artistic effects.


    Free start

    $0.00/ month

    20 Credits

    • Valid for 365 days
    • Multiple AI filters support
    • High quality
    • Faster speed


    Billed monthly

    $9.99/ month

    1000 Credits

    • Valid for 30 days
    • Multiple AI filters support
    • High quality
    • Faster speed


    Billed monthly

    $19.99/ month

    2100 Credits

    • Valid for 60 days
    • Multiple AI filters support
    • High quality
    • Faster speed
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