Frequently Asked Questions

What is All in AI?

All in AI = Everything can be accomplished by AI.
Despite the increasing number of AI Tool on the market, it is still challenging to find the most suitable AI tool. Therefore, based on the real needs of users, we provide precise product ideas and directions to AI developers, enabling them to develop Tool that meet these needs. We also offer a platform for developers of artificial intelligence and large models to quickly launch projects and match them with core users.

All the code on this website was implemented by ChatGPT, from 0 to 1, including functionality and logic, over the course of two weeks.

How do I use chatGPT 0 to 1 to develop and launch the AI tool navigation platform All in AI

Listen to product designer @BOYSO share his experience in developing an All in AI website from 0 to 1 using ChatGPT.


How to submit my product?

Please add this link to your website first and submit your website information. After review within 48 hours, it will be pushed to the homepage list.
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How can I get the latest list of AI tools?

We currently offer a mailing list subscription service to send you the latest list of AI tool Tool via email. Subscribe now.

How long after submission will it be listed?

Normally, it will be listed successfully within 48 hours.

I am a developer, how can I quickly and freely submit my AI product?

Submit your product information through the free submission channel; it will normally be listed successfully within 48 hours.

Is there a charge for using the service?

The service is completely free for users forever. AI tool developers can enjoy free submission benefits during the "free listing period," which is expected to start charging after June 30, 2024. Submit for free now.

What AI tools are suitable for me as a student?

As a student, you can utilize various artificial intelligence tools to assist in learning, research, and project development. These tools can help you improve learning efficiency, better understand complex concepts, and even participate in innovative projects. Here are some AI tools suitable for students:

Khan Academy - Although not entirely an AI tool, it uses data analysis to provide a personalized learning experience, helping you study subjects such as mathematics, science, and programming. Quizlet - Uses smart learning algorithms to help you create sets of study cards, optimizing review efficiency and offering a gamified learning experience. Grammarly - An AI-driven writing assistant that can help you improve grammar, spelling, and style, particularly suitable for writing essays and reports. Wolfram Alpha - Provides an AI-based computational knowledge engine capable of solving complex mathematical problems and offering data analysis, particularly useful for mathematics and science subjects. GPT-3 by OpenAI - A powerful language processing model that can help you write code, answer questions, and even engage in creative writing. Socratic by Google - An AI learning tool that can provide answers and explanations in fields such as mathematics, science, and literature by taking photos of questions or typing them in. Duolingo - Uses AI to provide a personalized language learning experience, helping you learn new languages through interactive exercises and regular reviews. Microsoft Math Solver - An AI tool that provides detailed step-by-step solutions and explanations for mathematical problems, supporting various mathematical fields. Coggle - An AI-assisted mind mapping tool suitable for organizing learning materials, planning research projects, and reviewing notes. Zotero - Although primarily a reference management software, it can intelligently manage literature sources, which is very helpful for writing essays and research reports. These tools can help you study and research in multiple academic fields, making the learning process more efficient and enjoyable.

What AI tools are suitable for me as a white-collar worker?

As a white-collar worker, you can use various AI tools to improve work efficiency, optimize time management, and enhance work quality. These tools can help you better handle daily tasks, perform data analysis, and improve communication and collaboration efficiency. Here are some AI tools suitable for white-collar workers:

Microsoft 365 (including Cortana) - Microsoft's office suite, including the Cortana intelligent assistant, can help you schedule appointments, remind you of meetings, and handle emails. Google Workspace (including Google Assistant) - An office tool suite integrated with Google Assistant, useful for schedule management, meeting arrangement, and email handling. Slack - Although primarily a team collaboration tool, its integrated AI features can help manage and prioritize your communication content. Asana - A project management tool that uses AI to optimize task assignment and progress tracking, helping teams improve work efficiency. Zoom - A video conferencing software, whose AI features include background blur, meeting summary generation, etc., enhancing the remote meeting experience. Grammarly - An AI writing assistant that can help you improve the grammar, spelling, and style of your emails and documents. Trello - Uses machine learning technology to help you better manage project boards, automatically suggesting task priorities and deadlines. Notion - A powerful note and document management tool, whose AI features can help organize information, generate document structures, and perform content searches. Salesforce Einstein - An AI platform for sales and customer relationship management that can provide sales forecasts, customer insights, and automate task handling. - A meeting recording tool that uses AI to generate real-time meeting records and summaries, very suitable for recording and reviewing business meetings. These tools can significantly improve your work efficiency, optimize work processes, and help you better handle and analyze data, thus maintaining competitiveness in the workplace.

What are some of the best AI Tool on the market today?

There are many excellent artificial intelligence Tool on the market today, covering various application areas such as natural language processing, image recognition, data analysis, and robotics technology. Here are some of the top AI Tool in the industry:

OpenAI ChatGPT - A chatbot based on the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model, capable of natural language understanding and generation. Google DeepMind AlphaFold - An AI tool for predicting protein structures, which is of great significance, especially in scientific research and biomedical fields. Tesla Autopilot - Tesla's autonomous driving system, which uses deep learning for visual recognition and decision-making to achieve vehicle automation. IBM Watson - An AI system launched by IBM that can handle complex data analysis tasks and provide decision support in medical, financial, and other fields. Amazon Alexa - Amazon's intelligent voice assistant, which can control smart home devices, play music, provide news, etc., through voice commands. Microsoft Azure AI - Microsoft's cloud platform service that offers various AI tools and services to help businesses and developers build, deploy, and manage AI solutions. Baidu Apollo - Baidu's autonomous driving platform, integrating advanced vehicle technology and artificial intelligence, committed to promoting the commercialization of autonomous driving technology. NVIDIA AI Platform - NVIDIA's AI platform, including hardware (such as GPUs) and software tools, supports high-performance computing and deep learning applications. Facebook AI Research (FAIR) - A research institution for developers, committed to promoting the frontier development of artificial intelligence technology, especially in machine learning and computer vision fields. Alphabet's DeepMind - A high-level artificial intelligence research institution committed to creating autonomous learning algorithms that can solve complex problems, including the development of the Go program AlphaGo. These Tool and platforms represent cutting-edge technology in their respective fields, each with unique features, and are widely used in different industries and scenarios.

What if I can't find a suitable tool?

We are currently in the listing period. If you cannot find a suitable AI tool or product, please email us or submit your requirements.

What tools are available for image and video generation?

Image Generation AI Tools and Models

OpenAI DALL-E - A powerful generative model capable of creating detailed and complex images based on textual descriptions. Google DeepDream - A technique that uses convolutional neural networks to enhance and stylize images, often used to create dream-like artistic works. NVIDIA StyleGAN - An advanced generative adversarial network that can generate highly realistic faces and other types of images. RunwayML - An AI tool designed for creative professionals, offering an easy-to-use interface to explore and implement various image generation techniques. Artbreeder - A GAN-based platform that allows users to mix and tweak images to create new visual artworks. Video Generation AI Tools and Models

DeepFake Technology - A deep learning technology for generating or editing videos that can achieve highly realistic face replacements and voice synchronization. Synthesia - A video generation platform that can synthesize videos of speakers using AI, widely used for creating corporate training videos and other media content. Wav2Lip - An AI technology that synchronizes lip movements in videos with new audio, widely used in post-production for movies and TV shows. First Order Motion Model - A model for generating animations that can transform static images into animations by driving video to replicate expressions and movements. Adobe Character Animator - Uses AI to capture expressions and movements, animating 2D characters in real time, widely used in animation production and live performances. These tools and models offer a wide range of application possibilities, from artistic creation to film production, to the creation of personalized media content.

What types of AI Tool can be submitted?

Any AI product that can effectively help users and is based on a large AI model that provides generation, answering, and assistance capabilities.

Where will the product be displayed after listing?

Currently, after listing, it will appear directly on the homepage of All in AI.