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    Multi AI

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    Unleash your team with multiplayer app sharing: Point, draw and edit in shared apps as if they’re on your computer. All in a beautifully crafted, native macOS app.

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    What is Multi AI

    Multi is a collaboration tool designed for macOS that enhances team productivity by allowing simultaneous screen sharing, shared cursors, drawing, and collaborative control within applications.

    Product Highlights

    • Multiplayer by default: Real-time collaboration with shared cursors and drawing.
    • Simultaneous screensharing: Up to 10 participants can share screens simultaneously.
    • Keyboard-first: Optimized for commands and shortcuts, integrates with Raycast.
    • Shared control: Allows team members to control each other’s screens with minimal latency.
    • World-class audio/video quality: Built on Zoom's infrastructure with custom enhancements.
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    How to Use Multi AI

    Download and Install

    Access the app from the Multi website.

    Create or Join Sessions

    Start collaborative sessions directly from your desktop.

    Utilize Features

    Use shared cursors, screen sharing, and collaborative control to work together seamlessly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Multi ensure privacy?

    Multi provides privacy settings to control when and how sessions are summarized and recorded.

    What integrations are available?

    Multi integrates with tools like Linear and Raycast, and automatically generates deep links for easy access to shared resources.

    Is there a limit to the number of participants in a session?

    Yes, up to 10 participants can share screens simultaneously.

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    Support for Multi AI

    Multi offers different pricing plans, including free and premium options, with additional features and enhanced collaboration tools available in the paid versions.

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